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This page is for connecting with people who would love your:

  • time

  • space

  • tools

  • materials

  • etc

helping those who are already making PPE.

If no-one else is leading on making PPE near you, maybe rise to the challenge yourself? Back on the homepage, click Find people who "Want to help make PPE"

Ideally, use the map below

(if it's daunting or difficult to access, you're welcome to use this form instead)

Map instructions

  • Find places near you, marked in BLUE

    • These are where people are making PPE

  • Click on the marker to see their contact details and get in touch!

    • Anything need updating on the map? Please do it :)

    • Any issues? Call Luke 07851054199

    • Thank you so much!

  • Add yourself to the map​

    • Include as much detail as you can​ (what are you offering / needing?)

    • Remember to include a way for people to contact you!

    • Remember to update your listing

use 2 fingers to zoom & move about

for guidance on how to make acceptable PPE
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